Rice has been a staple in agriculture and civilization for thousands of years.  From the various usage to mixture in feed, rice has been and continue to be the livelihood of many countries. KSK Global strives to bring the best stock of long grain rice from farm to table varying in different styles of broken rice. 

Ø  Broken (% max): 15% – 5%

Ø  Moisture (% max): 14%

Ø  Foreign matters (% max): 0.2%

Ø  Damaged kernels (%max): 1.5%

Ø  Chalky kernels (% max): 7%

Ø  Yellow kernels (% max): 1%

Ø  Red and red streaked kernels (% max): 2%
Paddy (grain per kg): 25

Ø  Immature kernels: 0.2

Ø  Milling degree and polish: well milled