Training the next generation of farmer through local channels and on the job training, developing farming education curricula and promoting learning opportunities for the surrounding communities.


The Education team develops training and experiences that mentor and further career development for local community members looking for opportunities to have a vocation in a stable environment.

In addition, the team develops and provides training and educational resources the community and funds to build much needed schoolhouse and/or small rural clinics for the surrounding area.

The process:

  1. First we identify the people needing a vocation by selective process
  2. Induct these future farmers with education on the land, their job and future potential in the company
  3. Training happens every day on the farm. On the job training with senior farmers, scientists will enhance the employees knowledge and value. 
  4. Repetitive concept checking to make sure the trained farmer is doing the correct job and procedure as facilitated.
  5. Promoting the farmer to become the trainer for the next crop of staff needed.

The training and education process will take one and a half years.  As soon as the new farmer successfully completes the program, they will have not only knowledge but also hands on experience about sharecropping.  The project reserves the right to offer any and all of the newly trained farmers a position in the company.  For others, there will be job placement assistance.